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Parlor Talk: The New Commodity of the Modern Man

Posted by Jamar St. on November 11, 2015 at 11:55 AM

Microsoft has always inspire and transpire technology of the new millennium. Microsoft technology has transcended many other competitors by staying one step ahead of their competition with the latest tech of today’s society. And with their new invention, Microsoft will do just that and more. The new upgrade of the previous Microsoft Band has come out and it’s proving why Microsoft is the new mecca for technology. Microsoft proves why they are the best at what they do. The new band is innovation in fitness and technology itself.

The new Microsoft Band 2 is a new piece of tech that reinvents the previous Microsoft band with sleek new features that leaves its predecessor in the dust. Some of the new features of the new Microsoft watch, is the new contemporary appearance itself. With a more dapper but distinguish appearance that include suave colors of gray, black, and silver, these new features only makes the band more alluring to buyers. The resolution of the new band is 320x128 pixels, along with a battery life of 48 hours and the average full charge is less than 15 hours. And including a water resistant factor that makes it useable in watery situations. In addition, the band is supported by the Windows Phone with the update of 8.1, IPhone: 4s, 5, 5C, 6 and 6 Plus, as well as other Android phones with the update of 4.3 to 5.0. The Microsoft band provides users with a greater way to stay in shape by tracking your heart rate, the calories burned and the amount of sleep intake.

Another amazing feature of the new Microsoft Band 2 is Microsoft Health. Microsoft Health allows the wielder to view information that contributes to their step count, workout session and the sleep quality. This feature also includes: UV monitoring, exercise recovery, app compatibility, calorie tracking and goal keeper. Also, another feature that contributes to the “Get Fit” aspect of the Microsoft Band 2 is that the band allows you to preview your emails, receive and reply to text messages and use various social media apps (Twitter, Facebook and Facebook Messenger).

With the new band on the market, a few individuals may say that the new band falls short of the finish line of with several in the band itself. Brian Mitchell (a writer for the website of had this to say about the new and improved version of the latest Microsoft band, “The Band 2 straddles between trying to be a fitness band and a smartwatch. Depending on how you like the look and fit, potential buyers may be better off choosing a competitor that does what they'll need most.” Mitchell may be right about the newest band cons that may be a deal breaker for most men in the modern age but here is another review about the astonishing band that is the talk of the town. Here is a revealing review about the band, “The new Microsoft Band is still far from perfect, but it's a much better device than the original. Its design is infinitely more comfortable, added sensors mean you can track more activities and new environmental factors, and more guided workouts give you more training options.” The exact words of Valentina Palladino proves that despite the convincing setbacks of the band, it is still something worth investing in. No one is truly right in this matter but evidence shows that the new Microsoft Band 2 is a smartwatch that can help any man of the 21st century.

Now the main focus of the new Microsoft Band 2 is the fitness aspect of the band and the incredible new features that makes the previous band look smaller. But why is the new Microsoft Band 2 a necessity for the millennium age and the modern gentlemen? The new band wants to help men of the new age reach a new healthy lifestyle that includes weekly exercise sessions but also gym sessions with a touch of their fingertips. Men of the new age have easier access to beneficial workouts that was created by Gold’s Gym, Shape Magazine, Men’s Fitness and Muscle & Fitness. The exercises and workout plans that are formulated by these successful magazines and gyms, will give men of the modern age the oppturnity to work towards the perfect body they have been dreaming about.

Furthermore, another reason why the new band of Microsoft is a necessity for the modern man of this age is because of the fact that the newest tech from any leading company in technology is a must have for men of the modern era. Despite the mixed reviews of the Microsoft Band 2, the tech itself is something that can useful to finally reach your dream body but also monitor the other necessities of your life. With a steal of 250 for the new Microsoft Band 2 (a little more than the previous band), this band is sure to show up on the wrist of men who have particular in the newest tech of the 21st century.

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