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Out on the Town: The Industry Party

Posted by Justin Tucker on December 2, 2015 at 4:00 PM

Remember how hard you worked to get your foot in the door of what you perceived to be your dream career? Think about all of those years spent pursuing higher education, perfecting that resume and cover letter, making your rounds to various companies of interest to fill out endless applications, wearing out your best suit on countless nerve-racking interviews, offering to intern for little or no pay, sending out emails to professionals who knew nothing of your existence, and finally getting your start with a “bottom of the barrel” position. After all that you’ve been through, you should be proud to have worked your way up to you current status within your field. You’re more than likely at the point now where coming into the office day after day is second nature. You’ve gained enough experience and made enough connections to be able to handle all of your designated tasks without having to be micro-managed, and you’ve even gained the respect of your boss and fellow co-workers. At this point you may be asking: what comes next?


Of course, a promotion probably sounds like the ideal answer, especially if that includes a pay increase or more vacation time. Unfortunately, that is not something that I can guarantee, and I apologize if I may have gotten your hopes up. But one thing that I would start looking out for if I were you, after building solid networks both within the office as well as amongst other notable professionals in the field, is and E-vite to the next big industry party. Let me tell you – this isn’t just about lighthearted conversation and sharing one too many cocktails with your boss’s associates (although that probably would make for a good time). Gaining access to the exclusive industry party means exchanging ideas, successful career moments, and most importantly, business cards with some of the top players in your discipline. That’s why it’s important to be prepared, and the following items will ensure just that:


  • The first thing you’ll need is a stunning sportcoat to help boost your confidence, thus allowing you to spark up a conversation with just about anyone in the room. Depending on the career field, it might be best to opt for a solid color for safety purposes; but then again, this is a party we’re talking about, so there shouldn’t be anything wrong with amping things up with a sophisticated plaid. This half-lined Havana Burgundy Check Jacket from SuitSupply is exactly what I had in mind. If you’re a little shy, I especially recommend something like this for you, as I can assure you that people will be coming up to you all throughout the night. (Cost: $399)


  • Now that you’re ready to turn heads, you’re going to need something to store those freshly-made business cards. After all, what’s the point of going through the trouble of making small talk if you’re not going to capitalize off of the situation? Here’s what you should do: take some cash, a credit card or two, and a few business cards and stuff them in this Metal Corner Wallet from Ted Baker. You’ll look extra stylish every time you reach into this well-crafted leather good. (Cost: $109)


  • The third and final thing you shouldn’t leave the house without is a quality timepiece. It’s one thing to plan the perfect entrance – you probably don’t want to be the first guest to arrive, but you also don’t want to be the prick who everyone notices walking in at the last hour – but you should also be aware of the perfect time to make your exit (you should never be the last one at the party, ever). The 40 - Silver Watch from MVMT Watches will ensure that you’re always on good time. (Cost: $125)


You may have spent all this time stressing about how to keep your good reputation, but you should remember that an industry party isn’t the one professional – actually it’s not always that professional – environment where actual work is not required. With that being said, relax and try to enjoy yourself. Have yourself a drink and enjoy the music as you show off your interpersonal skills. Before you know it, it’ll be Monday morning again, and you’ll be highly anticipating the next function.

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