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Out on the Town: Away On Business

Posted by Justin Tucker on December 9, 2015 at 4:00 PM

It might be time to get over that fear of flying which has troubled you since that one experience of really bad turbulence. Just when you thought you’d never have to step foot in an airport again, you’re boss surprises you with an e-mail invitation to a mandatory company conference. Of course there are other methods of travel, and I’m not saying that flying is absolutely necessary in all situations; I just don’t think your boss would agree to you traveling across the country by train or bus. Think about it: if you were planning on actually making it on time, you would probably have to leave almost an entire week in advance. Now tell me, who’s going to cover that expense?


Those of you who enjoy flying – and traveling, in general – might find it thrilling to be able to escape the routine 9-to-5 for a few days while you engage in what could potentially be career-altering group seminars and training sessions. The fact is that the possibility of travel is something that many of us look for in a company of interest (oftentimes before we even make note of the salary). Let’s face it: the repeated process of waking up, getting dressed, and heading to the same office with those same white walls is growing a bit old. It’s always great to shake things up, both in life and at work, with new scenery and fresh faces. Don’t forget about the fact that the skills and certifications which you will probably earn while on those business trips will prove to be valuable tools as you look to move up the rankings within your field.


So what exactly are you going to need for this important trip? Let’s just stop and think about a few things for a second. First and foremost, this isn’t a relaxing vacation in the Bahamas. That being said, that new bathing suit probably will not be necessary. Secondly, you can expect to have a few run-ins with your boss – and don’t forget about the potential of meeting some of his high-powered colleges. With this thought in mind, it would be in your best interest to look prepared, as if you were expecting to exchange words and e-mails in the first place. Lastly, seeing as how you’ll more than likely be operating off of a set schedule from sun-up to sun-down, you probably shouldn’t expect to have a lot of extra free time. If you’re someone who typically over packs, this is your opportunity to practice downsizing. I don’t think paying for extra luggage will be included in the company travel policy, though I could be wrong.


Let’s think about what it would make sense for you to include. For starters, I suggest packing smarter rather than harder by purchasing a garment travel bag. This will allow you to neatly organize your clothes and prevent an extreme case of wrinkles. The Garment Weekender from Hook + Albert (Cost: $395) is a suitable choice, as it contains private compartments for everything from tablets and e-readers to your lucky business suit, shoes, and ties. Speaking of suit, what would make more sense than a versatile wardrobe essential specifically made for the travelling man? Bonobos has just the suit in mind, which they like to call "The Jetsetter" (Cost: $525). It’s good for any season, and even has a signature passport pocket inside the jacket. As far as shoes go, take the easy way out with a simple pair of cap-toe shoes, like the Castellano Cap Ox from Florsheim (Cost: $130).


The right travel bag, suit and shoes are just the basics; no-brainers really. There are a few ways that you can spice things up, however. Take this Signature West Branch Toiletry Kit from L.L.Bean, for example (Cost: $59). Not only does it come with a water-resistant interior for easy cleaning, you’ll also get a kick out of the eye-catching camouflage print. Just think of how cool you’ll look if airport security has to pull it out to be searched. You might actually miss your plane as you explain to interested passersby where exactly you purchased it from.


To make the pain of travel a little easier on you, I suggest you download WorldMate. This app is here to revolutionize the way you travel. With various features including flight searches, itinerary management, a booking service, as well as time and currency converters, you’ll be able to take charge of your trip. The days of “sweating the small stuff” when it comes to travelling have officially come to an end.

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