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Out on the Town: Hitting the Slopes

Posted by Justin Tucker on December 16, 2015 at 8:30 PM

Heavy-duty waterproof coat? Check. Chunky sweater? Check. Durable snow boots? Check.


It looks like someone’s preparing for the annual family ski trip. It’s probably the one time of the year when many of us actually don’t mind being out in the cold. Who wouldn’t want to take part in racing down the side of a mountain, covered in manmade snow (depending on where you go), at high speeds? What begins as a fun-filled family trip soon turns into one of the most intense competitions of the season, as you prepare to earn your stripes and claim bragging rights as the most skilled skier in the bloodline.


While all the real action exists out on the slopes, that only proves to make up a small portion of what the average ski trip entails. I guess maybe we shouldn’t forget about those special individuals who would rather spend the entire trip back at the cabin, soaking in the hot tub. You probably know who those people are in your own family: that one aunt with bad knees, your uncle’s new girlfriend whom no one knows, or the teenager who is “too cool” to hang with the rest of the family. The great thing about ski trips is that there are generally plenty of activities for everyone to partake in. That includes some good shopping at some of the local gems of the nearby town, ice skating, horseback riding, and the delicious treats offered by the area’s best mountainside restaurants.


Now before you finish loading up the car and turn on the GPS, it’s important to ensure that you have absolutely everything you need for an eventful (and hopefully memorable) weekend. The snow may be produced by machines, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still return home with frost bite. The following items will have you feeling like the king of the mountain:


  • Triclimate Jacket – If you thought I was about to send you up into the high alps without a proper jacket, you’ve got another thing coming. Allow me to steer you in the right direction by suggesting the Apex Storm Peak Triclimate Jacket by The North Face. The 3-in-1 jacket system protects against cold, wet and windy conditions while also regulating body temperature. (Cost: $299)


  • Space Heater – Making it back to the cabin in one piece doesn’t necessarily mean you’re out of the woods just yet in terms of the cold. After cuddling around the campfire drinking hot chocolate and telling stories for hours, the thought of retreating to an icy bedroom at the end of the night is less than ideal. This is where the Lasko Tower Heater from Target comes in handy. With 3 different heat settings, this space heater is guaranteed to keep you warm throughout the night. (Cost: $40)

  • Lip Balm – You’ve got a hat for your head, some gloves for your hands and sunglasses to protect those eyes. Way to be prepared! But aren’t you missing something – or maybe you didn’t happen to notice your lips turning into cracked frozen deserts? With Baxter of California’s Hydro Salve Lip Balm, dry lips will become a thing of the past. (Cost: $10)

  • Leather Journal – The peaceful ambiance of the snowy hills is enough to soothe even the most active minds. While everyone else is enjoying a nap before Round 2 out on the slopes, take advantage of the silence by jotting down a few thoughts – or maybe the latest poem you’ve spent weeks formulating in your head – in your Genuine Leather Raw Journal by Profound Co. Whatever you choose to put down is up to you. Simply allow the freedom of a blank page to guide you. (Cost: $48)


  • Digital Camera – Don’t miss a single moment of family fun by documenting every attempt on a pair of skis (including the many falls if you’re with novices) with the Fujifilm X-A2 Digital Camera. With the superb image quality that the Fujifilm's X-Series is famous for, you’ll be able to capture the perfect self-portraits and stunning shots of the majestic mountainous landscape. (Cost: $550)

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